The Massage Heights


We elevate the lives of the people we touch by caring for the mind, body and spirit through our relationships with our Guests and our Team Members. We work to build an organization dedicated to the well-being of the people we serve by investing positive energy into everything we do. We are passionate about our Guests. We are loyal to our Team Members. We are diligent in providing a consistently elevated experience. We are authentic in our commitment to making Massage Heights the massage provider of choice.


1Show loyalty by caring for mind, body and spirit in every relationship

2Be respectful, collaborative and transparent by honoring individual preferences and processes, bringing solutions and ideas to every conversation and communicating relevant details and thorough information.

3Be authentic by living true to ourselves and our values.

4Exhibit curiosity, compassion and discipline by exploring alternatives and asking probing questions, considering new ideas and listening to different perspectives and by developing plans, routines and skills to overcome obstacles.

5We are passionate when we invest love and energy into everything we do.

6Be focused, positive and grateful by developing routines that keep attention on the priority, verifying assumptions and confronting issues constructively, and acknowledging people for their contributions and actions.

7Be diligent in executing consistently to achieve desired results.

8Be simple, accountable and influential by empowering people to make good decisions and goals, taking ownership and following through on promises, and by asking for and offering help in tough situations.

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