Working At Massage Heights

You’re a therapist dedicated to your clients—and they adore you for how much you care about their well-being. We’re a family-owned company dedicated to hiring team members like you, and making you feel just as cared for as our guests. See, we want Massage Heights to be a place where you love to work. A place where you can focus on your clients, and not filling your appointment book. Where you’re surrounded by people who share your client-focused approach and belief in customized modalities; and who appreciate your drive to deliver the best massage experience. We want Massage Heights to be a place where you feel like you truly belong—because you do

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You focus on your clients’ well-being, but who’s focusing on you? At Massage Heights, you can work with people who truly care about you, share your client-focused approach, and belief in customized modalities—in a place where you feel like you belong

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