Assistant Lead Massage Therapist

Location: Cornelius, North Carolina

reference number: 5004

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Assistant Lead Therapist roles and responsibilities include those of the Therapists, including, but not limited to, the following additional responsibilities:
  • Assist in recruiting, interviewing and hiring Therapists.
  • Assist with recruiting new Therapists via massage schools, letters, internet resources, etc.
  • Assist with training new Therapists on Massage Heights Corporate policies and procedures.
  • Offer support for Admin Team.
  • Schedule Therapists.
  • Assist as liaison between Therapists and Admin Team.
  • Promote a positive image of Massage Heights to Team Members and Guests.
  • Participate and promote participation in Off-Site Events.
  • Help promote the Retreat by means of Referrals, Guest Passes, etc.
  • Track operational inventory weekly in RMS.
  • Update Admin Team weekly with Team meetings


  • Comply with local and state licensing laws and regulations
  • Carry personal liability insurance
  • Hold current state license to practice massage therapy
  • Be Guest service oriented and able to communicate effectively with Guests
  • Capable of at least deep tissue, Swedish and maternity massage modalities
  • Be a Team player
  • Believe in regular massage therapy as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Pass background check (if your Retreat has a policy of conducting background

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Massage Heights is committed to providing the best therapeutic massage and skin care experience. We are dedicated to elevating the lives of those around us by caring for the mind, body and spirit through high-quality massage and skin care treatments. We have always taken the time to carefully choose our licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians and we are all passionate about delivering a consistently elevated experience to our clientele.

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