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Staff Spotlight: Joe Sherman

Staff Spotlight: Joe Sherman

June 20, 2014

Meet Joe Sherman a Licensed Massage Therapist at our Massage Heights Greenbrier Retreat!

What Brought you to Massage Heights: I attended a career fair at the Baltimore School of Massage where I met Franchisee Deb DeVoe and liked what she had to say about the Massage Heights' brand. Deb was approachable, professional and made a good first impression. I was attracted to Massage Heights because as a full time employee I would have access to a full benefit package, the draw vs. commission pay structure and access to Guests as a result of the marketing efforts. Deb Devoe’s comments: I remember the moment Joe walked into the career fair, the positive energy in the room seemed to explode and I enjoyed talking with Joe about our career opportunities more than I enjoyed talking with any other student that day.

What do you like best about working with Massage Heights: I feel passionate about helping people on a day to day basis achieve a healthy lifestyle at a price that most people can afford. I've met some amazing people at the Retreat not only our Guests but my co-workers -- I really enjoy being a part of this team! We work well together and I get a great deal of satisfaction from the relationships I've developed with other Team Members! Deb Devoe’s comments: I am so grateful that Joe is part of my team. He has an extraordinary work ethic, our Guests rave about their massages and it shows in Joe’s request numbers! I have really appreciated all that he has done for this brand new Retreat, especially his flexibility around his work schedule. If he has a quiet moment at the Retreat, he is reviewing his massage textbooks, the Elevations, or assisting a teammate; Joe is recognized for his knowledge and expertise as well as his flexibility and approachability. For these reasons Joe has just been promoted to co-Lead Massage Therapist! Congratulations Joe!

Specialty Skills/Certifications or Modalities: I really enjoy modalities that help people the most with repairing their muscle tissue…. deep tissuesports massage and reflexology.

Awards/Hobbies/Talents: I love to sail and I am part of an 8 member team that races on my dad’s 34’ boat competitively every Wednesday evening in Annapolis, MD. A couple of years ago my dad’s sailing team was short a crew member and he asked me to sub; I made a positive first impression on the skipper (he loved that I was a very fast learner, proactive to fix problems before they occurred and possessed brute strength!) and he asked me to join the team permanently. Our boat is a bit older than some of the other boats we compete against and we don’t always win our races but I love the competition and the thrill of being out on the water on a high wind night with the boat at a 30 degree tilt with a full sail!

Being from Baltimore I am a huge Ravens fan and have gotten to attend a couple of games at M&T stadium. I have two dogs Titan and Achilles and love to get them out in a field and run with them.

I can juggle! I have a younger sibling who is autistic and he loved to watch me juggle and it helped him develop his ability to focus.

I earned a place on the honor roll while studying at Baltimore School of Massage.

I was recently promoted to Co-Lead Massage Therapist at Massage Heights Greenbrier!

Personal Story: I was adopted as a baby by the best friend of my biological mother and have 7 siblings. I have lived in the Baltimore area my whole life. I have been married for 4 years to my wife Jamie. After high school, I went to work in the construction and landscaping industry and enjoyed the work especially landscaping but after suffering several heat strokes one summer I knew I needed to change careers. As luck would have it, I gave a friend a shoulder massage and she encouraged me to think about getting professionally trained as a Massage Therapist. The very next day I Googled massage therapy and found Baltimore School of Massage. I went to the school, signed up,  arranged for my student loans and started classes 3 months later. The rest as they say is history!