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New Massage Therapist? Create Your Perfect Resume

New Massage Therapist? Create Your Perfect Resume

May 12, 2017

First impressions are everything in developing personal and professional relationships. Though in today’s age, professional relationships don’t necessarily start with in-person meetings. More often than not, you’ll be sending an email or submitting a resume that is meant to accurately reflect who you are, your experience, and why you’re a good fit for the company.

Leaving your fate to a resume can be daunting, but with Massage Heights’ tips and tricks for new massage therapists, you’ll be able to craft the perfect resume that allows you to shine through and land your dream career.

Crafting The Ideal Resume

As with any task, starting is often the most difficult part. Should your resume be chronological or functional? What’s worth highlighting?

Before you get bogged down in the details, take an overarching view of your previous work experience, qualifications, education, and any certificates or licenses that may be relevant.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have experience as a massage therapist, don’t worry! Every experience can be translated as a skill that’s useful in your future employment.

As a new massage therapist, you might not have a wealth of experience outside of your schooling. Rather than focusing on the chronological presentation of your experience, create a functional resume that highlights your skills as assets you’ve acquired.

If you’ve previously worked in retail, explain how that experience helped you acquire superior customer service skills that make you capable of constructively handling customer complaints.

Discuss your organizational expertise if you helped institute a system that streamlined and increased your company’s productivity with filing or mailing.

Alongside highlighting your skills, create a concise professional summary that explains your previous work experience, how your skills allowed you to succeed, and the efficacy of those skills for the position you’re seeking.

Naturally, education is important for any endeavor you undertake. Creating your unique resume for your ideal massage therapist career is no different. List where you received your education for massage therapy and any additional certifications or licenses you acquired. Be sure to include any student work you conducted to show that you’ve been pro-active in gaining experience. In addition, if you learned complementary skills like aromatherapy, herbal wraps or reflexology, list them so you can stand out from your competition!

Remember, if you just graduated, a functional resume that highlights your previous experiences as skills will help you better represent yourself to potential employers. By focusing on the skills you’ve acquired, you’re simultaneously conveying ingenuity and a dedication to continuing your education in all environments.

While your resume is incredibly important, be sure that you’re applying to a massage therapy company that holds the same values as you and has a culture you identify with. You should be crafting a resume that represents you, and speaks to the mutual values you and your ideal employer hold.

For more tips and tricks on succeeding in your career as a massage therapist visit Massage Heights, or look through our openings and apply to join Massage Heights’ dedicated family of healers.