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5 Tips To Build A Lifelong Relationship With Your Guest

5 Tips To Build A Lifelong Relationship With Your Guest

March 02, 2017

Spring is right around the corner, and many couples are setting out to schedule appointments together or for one another to celebrate the new season. While everyone is bustling around to book unique experiences, you can take this time to refine your craft and make a lasting impact. With so many people gifting massages, you should take this opportunity to gift yourself a new relationship with a Guest!

To help prepare you, Massage Heights has curated a list of five tips that will undoubtedly help you develop lasting relationships and lead them to become lifelong guests. 

  1. Start With A Smile- It sounds simple and obvious, but more often than not, it makes a lasting first impression on first-time Guests. While some people may be repeat clients, many Guests that you’ll meet will be first-timers or new to you. Just like anywhere else, when you’re meeting someone you want to show them the best parts of you, and meeting your clients is no different. A simple “Hello! It’s great to meet you today!” can go a long way toward establishing and solidifying a relationship. Indeed, Forbes reported that British researchers discovered that one smile could provide the brain with as much stimulation as 2,000 chocolate bars. If a simple smile can spark that effect, than that’s all the more reason you should be greeting Guests with a genuinely warm smile! 

  2. So Fresh and So Clean- It should go without saying that you do not want your Guest feeling any semblance of discomfort. So spruce up your atmosphere! Make your atmosphere cheerful and refreshing in every way you can. Do you offer complimentary aromatherapy? Then take the initiative and set the scene for a relaxing experience. If possible, heat a warm towel for your Guest. Show that little bit of extra effort that transforms an experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

  3. Listen and Learn- While your Guests may be coming to you because they were gifted a massage, they do have physical needs that they want addressed and healed. After arranging your atmosphere for the Guest, take the time to sit and talk about their needs and goals as they fill out any necessary paperwork. Aside from further establishing a rapport with your Guest, you’ll be able to take this time to get a better assessment of their physical needs and potential pains they need treated during your appointment with them. This little bit of information can make all the difference in helping heal your Guest with a quality massage that addresses their main, espoused needs. 

  4. Commit Yourself To Excellence- We’re all passionate about our work, but at the end of the day, it is a job and you will get tired. That’s not a bad thing; it’s completely understandable. After some time, we all fall into a rut and operate on automatic, but Guests can feel that difference. There’s emptiness to the massage and people pick up that you’re not really “there” with them. Don’t let your passion fall by the wayside, interacting with your Guest and being responsive to their needs can help you stay away from automation. Though you may have previously discussed the type of pressure your Guest wants during the massage, it’s always a good idea to regularly ask “Is this pressure too light or too firm?” or “Would you like more pressure or less pressure?” This allows you to gauge the Guest as they get their massage and shows that you’re truly connected and concerned with their experience. 

  5. Endings Are New Beginnings- Eventually, the massage has to come to an end, but that doesn’t mean your relationship with the Guest has to end there! Conducting a post-consultation interview is key to retaining Guests and structuring your ongoing relationship. Use this time to reinforce the multitude of benefits massage therapy has for people, and follow-up on the Guests’ condition. If they came in complaining of back pain, ask them how their pain rates now following their massage. The key is to reinforce and reinvigorate their attention toward the benefits massage therapy had on their pain or overall level of relaxation. By doing this, you further connect with the Guest and convey that you are compassionate and dedicated to their healing, whilst also emphasizing the effects massage therapy had on their overall condition.

While they seem simple, these five tips are sure-fire ways to connect and establish a relationship with your Guest that will undoubtedly blossom into a lifelong bond. Our duty as massage therapists is not only to help heal the body but also to revitalize the soul with meaningful human connection. Every massage is the perfect occasion to begin connecting on a deeper level with visitors and convert them to lasting relationships.

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