The Massage Heights

Mentorship Program

The Massage Heights Mentorship Program is designed to allow our Massage Heights Retreats’ licensed Massage and Skin Therapists the opportunity to “give back” to the Massage and Esthetics industry by helping ensure a successful start for future Massage and Skin Therapists. A comprehensive and detailed education is the solid foundation which a Massage Therapist or Esthetician’s career is built. Whether the student joins the Massage Heights family or not after graduation, we are committed to helping future professionals start their career with an enriched education and the confidence needed to begin.

Our Mentorship Program will allow future Massage and Skin Therapists the opportunity to enrich their education while in school which will in turn, better prepare them for a lengthy and successful career. Students are always in need of extra tutoring and this program will provide just that in addition to giving our phenomenal Team Members the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, ensuring both the growth and success of the Massage and Esthetics industries. Reach out to your local Massage Heights Retreat location for information on available mentors within your area.

Goals of the Mentorship Program

1Assist therapist who are new to the profession with personal development, business development and overall understanding of theory and practice of massage therapy and esthetics

2Help therapists adjust to and navigate within their new career

3Allow mentors to give back to the profession while also growing personally

4Encourage mentees to realize their full potential

Why Participate? Rewards for all participants include:

Rewards for all participants

  • Team Member Recruitment

  • Team Member Retention

  • Development of leadership skills

  • Fostering lasting friendships and professional relationships

  • Networking and community involvement

  • Sharing of mutual interests

  • Enhancements of communication skills

Mentee rewards

  • Professional development

  • Having a person to turn to who has experience in the industry

  • Enhanced reputation and professionalism

  • Opportunity to overcome personal challenges

  • One-on-one support from trusted professional(s)

  • Objective feedback on skills and any questions

  • Increased career satisfaction

Mentor rewards

  • Aid in creating higher standards for the profession

  • Learning and connecting with your mentee

  • Knowing that you made a difference in the life of a peer and fellow therapist

Esthetics mentorship offers

  • Individual Group Tutoring

  • Class Chapter Tests

  • Hands-on Practical Test

  • Extra Help with Challenges

  • State Board Tests

  • Class Guest Speaker

  • Mini Classes

  • Panel Collaboration

  • Orientation

  • Job Fairs

  • Field Trips

  • Retreat Tours

  • Graduation

*Massage Heights Mentorship Programs vary by region and location depending upon availability and level of support available. Contact your local Massage Heights Retreat to inquire about the specifics in your area.